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The Beauty of Life with Two Children under Two

Updated: May 10, 2023

Did you just found out that you are pregnant with an infant in your hand, or you are considering having baby number two but you are trying to convince yourself that it is a great idea?

You have come to the right place, I will be sharing my story with you, and giving you tips on how I manage life with two children under two years old.

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@20 months and a 1 month old
@20 months and a 1 month old

Oh God! I am pregnant

6 months pregnant with a 1 year old

I remember when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, and I was just still breastfeeding my first child (Yes, science lied to us, it´s possible to be pregnant while breastfeeding). Although my husband and I started discussing about having the next baby, but I didn´t know it will be that soon, I wasn´t even seeing my cycle yet (oh science really lied to me).

I started searching online for how I could manage pregnancy with an infant and what to do, but most of the resources online were mostly generic, I wanted personal experiences. (I will write about pregnant with an infant soon in my next post, so subscribe to get new updates).

A Look at the Challenges of Parenting Two under two

First, let me highlight some of the challenges of having two under two before I write about the beauty of It, and also giving you some tips on how to handle most of the challenges.

  • Sleeping arrangement: Toddlers are loud and they are still very young to understand the concept of speaking in a low tone or why they have to be silent at all. However, babies need to sleep several hours through out the day and inadequate sleep means a cranky baby. For me, I was happy my first daughter was already sleep trained, so for the night there was no much trouble. But during the day, I put my newborn in baby sling and later interchange using a baby carrier for most of the time because she was such a light sleeper.

  • Dealing with tantrum: It´s normal for a toddler to throw tantrums mostly when they feel you are giving the baby more attention than them. This is understandable because babies need all the attention they can get, but for a toddler it is strange because they like been the center of attraction. I try to include my toddler in most of the activities such as helping me get or throw away the diaper, or giving the baby a kiss when she is crying, and most importantly spending the baby nap time to fully give her the attention and cuddles she deserves.

Daddy reading to his girls
Daddy reading to his girls

  • Sibling rivalry: I remember when I started giving my baby a bottle and my toddler wanted it too (mind you, she refused taking a bottle when she was a baby). That made me realise that I unknowingly have a twin. Also, in order to avoid sibling rivalry, get your partner involve too, let them take care of the newborn while you spend time cuddling your first baby, just to make them not to feel replaced.

The joy of raising Two under two

Whenever I tell her to take a picture, she immediately holds her baby sister hand
Whenever I tell her to take a picture, she immediately holds her baby sister hand

Although there are challenges of raising two children under two years old, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It is filled with joy, laughter and love as you nurture and care for your growing family. I personally wanted to have twin but I was always so scared of carrying two at once, so I feel having two children under two gave me a little bit of that feeling of having a twin, because they sometimes cry, laugh or scream together. Now that my baby is 6 months old, and my first daughter is 2 years old, I can say I have learnt so much about motherhood, even from my toddler. Whenever she hears her baby sister cries, she runs to her and gives her a kiss and says "it´s Okay". Believe me, when I say it is the most adorable thing you will ever see.

Having them so close in age means they get to experience life together, share memories, and create an unbreakable bond.

Lastly, if you plan of having just two children, then having them in close age is a great idea because you can be done with giving birth, and concentrate in raising them up and also focus on your career once they get to the school age (for the working class mum).

How to Make the Most of Playtime

Having two means that that they are not alone, they could entertain each other which and you can enjoy a hot cup of tea and coffee or spend the time doing something productive with the assurance that your baby is not bored if he/she is an only child.

When I was pregnant I told my toddler every time that her playmate and best friend is cooking in my tummy, and now, when I just sit and watch them laugh and play my heart is filled with joy knowing that they got each other.

In order to make the most out of playtime, I will like to include some toys that keep my baby and my toddler busy.

Since sibling rivalry is a big issue, I always try to buy things my girls can share or use together, and these are some of my favorites, the last one is surprising that they both can enjoy it.

So, having two children means you also get to enjoy the special moments of parenting two children (almost twin) at once such as double hugs, double cuddles and even double laughs! With patience, hard work and dedication, raising two children under two can bring immense joy into your life. Although any amount of children can bring so much joy and meaningfulness to your life. You got this MAMA!

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