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Potty Trained Day and Night Before 2 Years Old

Updated: May 10, 2023

Potty training your child can be an exciting, yet stressful and emotional experience. You want your child to become independent, but you also don't want to deal with accidents and meltdowns. As a first-time mom, I was terrified of the daunting task of potty training my daughter. However, I was able to survive the process, and I am now here to share my tale of tears and triumph.

under 2 years using the big potty

My daughter was fully potty trained before she turned 2 years old. Yes, you read that right – before the age of two! My husband and I were shocked at how quickly and easily our daughter grasped the concept of potty training. We were amazed that she no longer needed diapers, and we could finally say goodbye to the messes and the hefty diaper expenses.

The timing of potty training came at an interesting time for our family as I was pregnant with my second child. I knew that I didn't want to deal with two kids in diapers, so I made it my mission to try and potty train my daughter before the baby arrived.

I didn't want to use the traditional methods of rewarding my daughter for using the potty or punishing her any time she has an accident (indirectly writing to you some of my African parents). I wanted her to understand that potty training was essential for her growth and independence, so I decided to use the "Oh Crap! Potty Training" method by Jamie Glowacki. Within a week of starting this method, my daughter had fully grasped the concept of using the potty. I was amazed at how quickly and effortlessly she was able to learn that her body signaled when she needed to go.

One of the most surprising accomplishments was that my daughter potty trained herself overnight. Yes, you read that right, she wakes up dry almost every night. But if she really need to go, she calls out "Mummy!" or "Daddy!" (although our sleep is being interrupted, but who can complain when an angel call out your name). Any way once we take her to toilet after she has put on the light starting my morning unknowingly, she then goes back to bed. It was crazy to watch her independence flourish right before our eyes.

Sleeping without diaper

Overall, potty training was a tough and emotional experience, but it taught us that with patience, determination, and the right resources, anything is possible. We were so happy with the results and proud of our daughter's independence. We learned that potty training isn't a one-size-fits-all process and that we needed to find an approach that worked best for our child.

If you're currently in the potty training process or dreading it, don't worry, subscribe to get new update of post as I will be writing more about potty training and how and what we did to potty train our daughter before 2 years old. Who knows, your child might surprise you with how quickly they grasp the concept, just like mine did!


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