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How to Choose the Best Gift for a Baby’s First Birthday

Personally speaking, the most stressful thing and the most simplest thing I ever have to do is thinking of what to get a baby, mostly for their first birthday. Stressful because they are tiny humans with no interest or hobbies, and you just don´t know what they truly like. Simple because they literally will appreciate anything, even just a gift wrapper makes them happy already.

Her first birthday picture

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Firstly, let's talk about the most popular gifts to give babies on their first birthday. From experience, I have seen that a baby usually gets a plethora of stuffed toys, cute onesies, personalized blankets, and even baby photo albums. While these are beautiful gifts, but there is nothing more exasperating than gifting a child something that they might never use before they outgrow it or they probably already have a mountain of stuffed animals because all the guest decided that was a safe gift to buy a baby.

However, I must warn you to stay away from certain gifts. For instance, a baby doesn't need their own cell phone, or tablet no matter how cute it may seem to you (I will write more about this soon, stay posted!). Avoid gifting anything with a weight or sharp edges, or things with tiny parts like Lego, they could injure themselves or swallow the tiny parts.

Being a parent myself, I am now aware that there are unique baby gift parents will appreciate, that parents might never have thought to buy for their little ones. Children gifts do not necessarily need to be use for playing but should also incorporate learning. It could be an opportunity for you to invest on that child. Maybe one day He/She might look back that Uncle B. or Aunt B. gave me my first instrument that encourage my love for music.

These are examples of some gift ideas that could add some spice to the celebration and make the baby and parents happy or grateful in the future!

  • Xylophones: are a great way to introduce children to musical instruments and the world of music. Not only does playing the xylophone help children develop fine motor skills, but it also provides them with an opportunity to explore their creative side.

  • Two pieces or Three pieces Puzzles: help in developing problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, cognitive skills, concentration and focus, patience and perseverance, and fine motor skills. The child’s brain gets more exercise when solving a puzzle, which boosts memory and also improves their visual-spatial skills. Puzzles also help in building self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment when the child completes one.

  • Flashcards: are important tools in a child's cognitive development, as they help to enhance memory retention and stimulate critical thinking. They improve language skills, concentration skills, and help children to learn image recognition. Flashcards have been shown to be especially beneficial for children with learning difficulties, as they provide a visual aid that can help improve reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Quiet moment with her book
  • Books: you can never go wrong with gifting a child a book, there are so many genre, that would only help the child´s cognitive development, but can also be use as a source of bonding moment as the parents read to the child. It will also improve the love a child have books.

  • Water Drawing Mats: These mats not only help children express their artistic abilities and creativity, but also develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive abilities. They also teach children about cause and effect as they learn how their actions affect the water and drawing surface. Additionally, the water drawing mat allows children to explore and experiment with colors, shapes, and forms without making a mess, making it a safe and stress-free way for children to learn and have fun.

  • Montessori wooden toys: These are my absolute favorite gifts, because they are made out of wood, and they can last long. They are thoroughly thought of, for educational purposes, which can serve as a form of entertainment and learning materials.

She enjoying her learning tower
  • Learning tower: I can´t mention Montessori without mentioning the learning tower. This is a great gift every parents will appreciate for their little one. Once children hit that toddler age they are always interested in helping out in different ways they can. With this tower, it creates a safe zone for the little one to help out in the kitchen, and it can also serve as a learning board, activity table, etc.

The possibilities of wonderful gifts are endless, and it's worth thinking about unique gifts that will make parents go 'wow' and get babies excited. Also, getting a one year old gift does not need to be for the child´s exact age because children develop differently, so a gift rage can be for kids from one to three years old.

I bet you've thought about the expression on a baby's face when they unwrap a present, right? But, what if babies could talk? Here are a few conversations that could happen between adorable babies and their gift-giving pals.

A baby and their grandparent:

Grandparent: Happy First Birthday moonpie! We have a special gift for you!

Baby: What's this? Clothes that are actually my size? You guys are the best.

A baby and their favorite aunt/uncle:

Auntie/Uncle: Happy First Birthday, little one! I have a surprise for you!

Baby: Oh my goodness, is that a guitar? Why do I love this so much?

Whether a baby can talk or not, it's always fun to imagine the reactions they have towards certain gifts (or is it just me?). Still, remember that the most important gift you can give a baby is your love, attention, and care. Happy gifting, folks!

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