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10 Essential Baby Products I couldn´t do without

Updated: May 9, 2023

When it comes to baby products, parents want the best for their little ones but sometimes budget can be tight. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right and affordable products for your baby. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best baby products that I have used personally that I absolutely love that you can consider when shopping for your little angels without breaking the bank. In no particular order, let´s jump right into it.

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links highlighted in red which means that I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you when you make a purchase using the link.

This is one of the most affordable strong pram you will love if you are in need of a good pram but with a tight budget. It is light weight and it comes with everything you need for your little one, from newborn to toddler age.

This is one of my favorite baby product because my 2 children never really like lying down on their backs, so I could put them in the chair and they could see everything around them, gradually start playing with the toy as they grow up, and it is also my number one must -have if you are going to do baby led weaning (this I will talk about in my upcoming post).

When it comes to cleaning baby bottles or accessories, you can never wash them clean enough, mostly in that early stage. Their tiny immune systems are just developing, so making sure that the bottles don´t contain any bacteria, it is essential to have a steriliser. This product is easy to use although it´s a little bit pricey.

I am never a fan of running around to check on the baby whenever they make any sound. Being a first time mum, that is almost inevitable. This is why I love this product a lot because I could see my baby as they sleep like an angel or check on them to make sure they are safe and sound.

I remember how fussy my first daughter was, she will cry so much and I had no clue why or what to do. This carrier was my life saver. Whenever she start fussing uncontrollably, I could just wrap her around me and still continue my daily task.

I love this product because it was one of the very first thing my daughter started playing with and still plays with. Unlike other baby play gym that can only be use till they are 6 months old, but with this product I can guarantee that your little angel will enjoy using it as a play gym or use it as an assistance to take those first baby steps.

Oh! if only I knew about this product much earlier, it´s my number one essential when it comes to breastfeeding, mostly if you hate being milked like a cow as I do. With this product you can comfortably breast feed your baby and simultaneously catch some milk that you can store in the freezer for future use.

As I said earlier, my first daughter was really fussy, and bath time was our relaxing time thanks to this product. She loved to just relax on the bath pillow and I could wash her without tears or screaming.

This backpack is very good if you are always on the road or travelling with a baby. It has lots of space and has special places to put your baby bottles and place to connect your portable phone charger.

This is a must have product because it can be used for several things. One of the main things I used it for was as a baby swaddle, and the cotton is so soft on the skin, and also as a cover for the baby at home or on the road.

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Some personal pictures of my daughter using the KIDIZ® 3-in-1 children's high chair


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